Quarantine diaries

Twenty twenty was a hard year for most of us. Some of us were lucky to only have to deal with lockdowns and temporary unemployment – a stress that paled in comparison to others, those who lost loved ones, those who had no economic support, those who had to sustain the world through a pandemic.
In any case, the following diaries were the result of a creative exercise to avoid despair during the first few months of lockdown number 1 in the UK in 2020. I tried to share the humorous moments that I found during the complex times of COVID-19.

Several lockdowns brought many challenges, and still today many are together trying to make sense of the catastrophe of loss of life, of the deepening of inequalities and massive governmental mismanagement of the crisis. But in the midst of things, it is sometimes hard to find ways to address big issues. So instead, I shared a bit of my day to day experience, in the hope that this might put a smile on people’s faces.

I am extremely honoured that this project was awarded the Sheroes Prize in the first Sheroes in Quarantine online exhibition (May 2020). You can see my work page here and read more about the Sheroes project here.

1. Hello JSA, my old friend

2. Can we fix this?

3. Return to the JSA call

4. Treasures of the river

And here’s a bit of me explaining the project!