The Rioters “A better class of cocktail”


I had the honour to work with The Rioters, a south-east London based punk band. In May 2016 they released their EP “A better class of cocktail”, which you can purchase online (or contact them for hard copies). We did two photoshoots for the two versions of the EP, and worked in visual direction, design of objects for imagery and of the EP layout and covers. The images are from the general EP cover / back, and from the booklet that came with the special stenciled limited edition (50 copies of these were made).

Tuve el honor de trabajar con The Rioters, una banda punk del sureste de Londres. En mayo del 2016 lanzaron el EP “A better class of cocktail”, disponible online (o contactese con ellxs para conseguir copias físicas). Hicimos dos sesiones fotográficas para las dos versiones del EP, y trabajé en la dirección visual, creación/diseño de objetos para las sesiones y del libreto y cover del EP. Las imagenes son del EP genérico y del libreto que es parte de la versión especial, diseñada con ilustración de stencil (se hicieron 50 copias de esta).


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